Bands Featured on EatKS

I have been doing the show now for over 3 years and who is keeping track of the  bands featured on the show?  This grrrl!

Only the shows from 2013 and on are available on iTunes,  Soundcloud and Stitcher. I kept most of the mp3’s of my shows. I have resurrected the older show playlists and named the show Renos and Demos. The best part about those shows is that you don’t hear me talk!

This list of bands featured on EatKS is a pretty damn eclectic list. At the beginning when I created this list I was only focusing on the “indie” bands.  After several months I have realized that not every listener knows all the bands that I know, and it’s pretty damn silly to make that assumption that they do.  In light of this I have hyper linked ALL bands that are played on Everything and the Kitchen Sink no matter how “mainstream” or “indie” that band is.  The list is in alphabetical order. I kept away from genres, because I dislike pigeonholing bands, and my ears hear differently than most people’s anyway.

The majority of the links will direct you to the bands iTunes. For those individuals that might question why iTunes and not spotify, you tube etc here’s a list of reasons.

  • iTunes pays more money out to the band/artist than any streaming service.
  • iTunes has a brief bio on the band and a decent discography of most bands.
  • iTunes allows you to stream a snippet of the song. (yeah I know it’s not long enough)
  • And really I want you to give up that overpriced coffee and buy music instead.

This isn’t a judgement on streaming sites, or you, the listeners preference of how you get your music. In reality, the whole purpose is of Everything and the Kitchen Sink has always been about the bands and sharing my enthusiasm of their music with you.Not matter how big, or small a band is in size, exposure, ego, this is about the music. Deal with it.


This is always a work in progress folks so check it often.





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