Bombay Harambee- Goldmine

WHEN: New Album – 19.02.2016
WHERE: Max Recordings

I’ve been desperate for a hankering for some new material from The Hives, and as each day passes by with no whiff of Swedish punk rock I die a little bit inside. Close to crumbling completely, I’ve been on the hunt for something to tide me over until that day comes around. Bombay Harambee are a four piece who deliver some intense western-esque punk music and well, howdy guys.

Interval is the latest single to be dropped in anticipation for their new album Goldmine and goodness me is it a doozy. The band kicks things off with a slight slip of feedback before letting loose with a heavy, heavy, heavy guitar riff that could blow The Hives out of the water. It’s boosted with a rhythm section that batters it’s way through the airwaves to keep up with the guitars while some additional noodling is made to keep things sounding fresh and exciting throughout, and goodness me am I excited.

Bombay Harambee have delivered a really great tune here with Interval, and I am now super excited to check out their new album Goldmine. If it’s follows on with just as much gusto and energy as the single, then it’s bound to be a great album. Stream the track below, look out for the new album on February 19th and for more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the bands’ music right here

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