Davian Dent – Takes Over EatKS

WHAT?!!! Where the hell is Nikki, right? Well, Davian Dent who hosts a very cool podcast called Strange Times was promoting a pod swap idea on twitter. Not that I want to take over anyone’s podcast because I can barely manage this one. I have chatted with Davian over music before so I thought what the hell, let someone else take a stab at doing my show.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink is quite an electric mess of music  stylings, however even my show has some gaps in it, as it were. I hope to have someone else do take over EatKS episode again, down the road. But I am sure Davian can attest to, that an Everything and the Kitchen Sink style show/playlist is something unique onto itself.  I was even kind and didn’t ask him to put in 3 Joe Strummer tracks. See? I can be nice!

Hats off to Davian for putting such an amazing show together!

Some of these bands I like, I even own a few albums… Why haven’t I put them into a show? I have no idea.  Other bands I have not heard of and was excited to add them into my long extensive shopping list. I tried my best to give you that hyperlink to the playlist and FAQ nonsense that you love so much from EatKS….

EatKS is always about the music first, the love of sharing music genres with the music junkies, swears are second, and egos never.

Have no fear I will be back soon enough doing that brand of nonsense that you, my amazing listeners enjoy.  Follow my tweets at @eatks for the updates!

1. Blue Aeroplanes – ‘Autumn Journal XV’
2. Menticide – ‘Bathroom Ideas Exhibition’
3. Clan Of Xymox – ‘Muscoviet Musquito’
4. The Beloved – ‘A Hundred Words’
5. Roy Harper – ‘Another Day’
6. The Chameleons – ‘Perfume Garden’
7. The Three Johns – ‘Death Of The European’

8. African Music Machine – ‘Black Water’
9. Maceo and The Macks – ‘Soul Power 74’
10. Sidney Pinchback – ‘Sidney Pinchback & Schiller Street Gang – Soul Strokes’
11. Blind Mr Jones – ‘Spooky Vibes’
12. Cocteau Twins – ‘Lorelei’
13. New Order – ‘Turn The Heater On’
14. Cabaret Voltaire– ‘I Want You’
15. Wire – ’41°N 93°W’
16. Sons and Daughters – ‘Johnny Cash’
17. Danielle Dax – ‘Cathouse’

18.. Alice Cooper – ‘Blue Turk’
19. Eddie & the Hotrods – ‘Do anything you wanna do’
20. Under a Banner – ‘Some Stories’
21. Das Psych-Oh! Rangers – ‘The Essential Art Of Communication’
22. Efterklang – ‘Modern Drift’
23. Leaves – ‘Spell’
24. Mr Psik – ‘Flaccid Acid’
25. O Children – ‘Malo’
26. Kuricorder Quartet – ‘Popo Loouise’
27. Alice Cooper – ‘Blue Turk’
28. Eddie & the Hotrods – ‘Do anything you wanna do’
29. Under a Banner – ‘Some Stories’

You can always listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud or you can listen below/Download Show Here

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