EatKS Final Joe Strummer Special

Everything and the Kitchen Sink’s Last Joe Strummer Special

Well, the time has come to close a chapter on this little podcast. Originally I stopped it in June but I realized that was abrupt and not really fair to the loyal EatKS listeners.

So here for you is the last Joe Strummer Special and in January the last Everything and the Kitchen Sink podcast will happen.

If you want a sound bite on the show, maybe you want to say something cheeky send it in before January 5th 2017 and it will be in the show. The email address is:  eatksinkers at gmail dot com.

Thank you again for listening and hey the podcasts are going anywhere. YOU can keep the great music alive just by sharing the show. Remember…. Good music doesn’t have a shelf life.


  1. Blonde Rock n Roll – The Clash (Sandinista! Outtakes)
  2. King of the Road    –   The Clash  (Sandinista! Outtakes)
  3. Louie Louie             –  The Clash   (Sandinista! Outtakes)
  4. Israelites                  –  The Clash    (British TV Outtakes)
  5. Gates of the West   –  The Clash   (Cost of Living EP)
  6. Ooh Baby Ooh (It’s All Over)  – The Clash  (Give ’em Enough Rope Demo)
  7. Glue Zombie             –  The Clash   (Out of Control Demos)
  8. Out of Control           – The Clash   (Out of Control Demos)
  9. Galleani                       – The Clash   (Out of Control Demos)
  10. In The Pouring Rain  – The Clash (Out of Control Demos)
  11. In The Pouring Rain  -Joe Strummer  (Unreleased DOA Demos)
  12. 15th Brigade                – Joe Strummer ( Earthquake Weather remaster Bonus Track)
  13. Search Party             -Joe Strummer and The Latino Rockabilly War (Permanent Record Outtakes)
  14. The Harder They Come  – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Brooklyn 4-4-2002 Show)
  15. Walk on the Wild Side    – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Brooklyn 4-4-2002 Show)
  16. London’s Burning            – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros  (Action Town Hall 2002)

So in this episode I mention my tattoo well here is the original









and then my tattoo that was done by completely free hand Squid Inx Tattoos and Squidworks Media


And here is the link to get the Permanent Record Soundtrack outtakes

You can always listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud or you can listen below/Download Show Here

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