EatKS – Joe Strummer Special – Sandinista!

I  am sure by now that some of you are probably getting bored of these annual Joe Strummer shows. But it truth there is SO MUCH music to talk about and uncover, if you are bored then you don’t want to here some cool insights, fun facts, outtakes, rarities.  I haven’t tackled the self titled album yet!  Although, I have done a special on Joe Strummer, Before and After The Clash,  a continuing series of Joe Strummer -Rare and Obscure.  When I first started doing these specials I did one about the covers that The Clash and Joe Strummer did. And another year I did a Joe Strummer/Clash special where I only played bands that were covering The Clash/Joe Strummer. Those two shows mentioned; I don’t think exist on the internet anymore. It was way before my website and iTunes thingy. Perhaps I will find the old recordings and make them into playlists or maybe I will revisit those ideas again.

The album “Sandinista!”  can be seen from quite a few perspectives. This podcast only offers one perspective. The awesome Adam White and John G put out their Sandinista! Special this week on their punknews podcast

I went and talked about the lyrics, the stories behind some of them, outtakes, and a Christmas song.  And why I loved this album…

When you look at this playlist I am sure that you are shaking your head and saying “Nikki, you missed all the good tracks!”  My reply to you is, I didn’t miss any tracks. You missed my point on this podcast.

Again thank you as always for listening to the show, supporting my nonsense on twitter. To help keep the lights on this little DIY podcast I created a Paetron under Nikki EatKS you can support or don’t. I am not your supervisor 😉

  1. The Clash – Blond Rock n Roll (Sandinista! outtakes)
  2. The Clash – King of the Road (Sandinista! outtakes)
  3. The Clash – Louie Louie  (Sandinista! outtakes)
  4. The Clash – Magnificent Seven
  5. The Clash – Somebody Got Murdered
  6. The Clash – Charlie Don’t Surf
  7. The Clash – The Equaliser
  8. The Clash – The Call Up
  9. Fat Les, Joe Strummer and company – Naughty Christmas


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