EatKS – March 27th

I almost didn’t make giving you 2 shows a month. And you know, if I didn’t have patreon supporters where I feel that I am accountable to; I wouldn’t have. So you can thank them for keeping my ass in line when it comes to delivering shows for you.

I could always use more supporters as I am nowhere near my goal of keeping the lights on this podcast. I have some pretty super dee duper rewards, (if you like me telling you dumb jokes every month)

you can find me with searching Nikki EatKS on patreon, cause duh.

The Playlist

  1. The Clash- Listen
  2. The Dirtbombs- They Hate Us in Scandinavia
  3. The Circle Jerks- Teenage Electric
  4. De La Soul- Change In Speak
  5. Amy Winehouse- Back To Black
  6. Big Audio Dynamite– 2000 Shoes
  7. Cramps- Blow Up Your Mind
  8. Husker Du- Terms of Psychic Warfare
  9. Rod Hamdallah- Doing Me Wrong
  10. Makgona Tsohle Reggi- Somewhere
  11. Dubmatrix- African Brothers Dub featuring S’kaya
  12. Pogues with Joe Strummer- Metropolis
  13. La Fondation- Introduction of a Jedi
  14. The Clash- Justice Tonight/Kick It Over

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