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MetalBandcampgiftclub is a hashtag that is picking up some great momentum on the twitterverse.  Jeremiah is the brains behind the concept of sharing music with others. His partners in crime Manny  and Seth  helped bring the concept to new heights with the hashtag MetalBandcampgiftclub  and the website MetalBandcampgiftclub which features not only music, but links to google hangouts where music fans and bands can talk about MetalBandcampgiftclub.

It’s a short show. Only six tracks and a shameful attempt once again on the game “what do you know about Joe?” one day someone will study for that stupid test.

Remember that on the website not only do you get the opportunity to check out the bands via the hyperlinks but there is a permanent section the bands on the site called “Bands Featured On EatKS”  it’s the best music shopping rabbit hole on the interwebs.

The Playlist

  1. Tilts – Thomas Jefferson II
  2. Yellow Eyes– What Filters Through the  Copper Stain
  3. Mortals – Epochryphal Gloom
  4. Baptists – Still Melt
  5. The Lions Daughter– Four Flies
  6.   Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer – Redemption Song

You can always listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud or you can listen below/Download Show Here

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