Elvis Costello: No longer angry, perhaps refined? EatKS RANT!

Elvis Costello is my second favourite musician (Joe Strummer being the first, if you didn’t already know)

Today, not only did the new single of his newest album come out on you tube, but I read a music blog that said in so many words, he’s just not good anymore. So I am here to give my opinion, which absolutely doesn’t matter.I am that big of a Costello fan and I feel the urge to rant.

As most of you know, Elvis Costello has been depicted as the “angry man” and 99.9% of the Costello fans out there think that he ran out of steam and was relying on his reputation in the 70’s and the 80’s to push through his other music projects. Now, depending on the Costello fan you talk to, some will tell you that his greatness was lost after the Get Happy album and some will tell you that after Spike it was all down hill. Personally, throughout his years of doing music, I think there were some great albums and some pretty horrendous ones. In truth,I am sure putting out an album every year would certainly take a toll on a musician. Does that even happen anymore?

The one thing that Elvis Costello did, was tons of experimentation with various music influences. Even this Elvis Costello fan was pained with listening to the North Album. But he married Canadian Jazz Singer Diana Krall, so really, was that going to come as a surprise to anyone? Really? Yeah, maybe veering off into the jazz with the North album and the very country flavour of Secret, Profane and Sugarcane wasn’t a great idea. I don’t own National Ransom because I was so put off by that album (which I actually own)
That being said, I think that, When I Was Cruel, The Delivery Man, and Momofuku albums were brilliant. And those were all made in the 2000’s folks, not the 70’s or the 80’s.

Just to prove a point here’s the track Go Away from Momofuku. If you really like his earlier stuff, I am sure that you will enjoy this album.

Sure he’s old, and maybe he’s not blowing away the crowds on stage like he did in the 70’s. But Costello, proves that he’s still making some great music just like he did back then. We all have our bad days, and our good days, why are musicians an exception to the rule when it comes to their music? Some days I have GREAT hair days, others, well I put metal hair bands to shame. (I really do)
Obviously, I am being pedantic about this to prove a point.

Also music tastes vary because it’s so very individually driven. I can’t stand Bieber but he has millions of fans. So who’s wrong? Me or them? I can get into rants over which Clash album is the best with another Clash fan. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And yes, even the mighty Joe Strummer painted with some very broad strokes (to paraphrase @SewellToronto from my previous Clash discussions with him and other twitter peeps)
Which bring us to this point of my rant (really there was a point, I swear!)

Elvis Costello is releasing a new album this September in collaboration with The Roots. I think the single is brilliant.

Nostalgia is great folks, but sometimes you need for push on and move forward.
Start changing the way your ears hear.

Rant over!

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