Everything and the Kitchen Sink – August – 2018

Tons of new releases, some new finds for me as well as that Joe Strummer x3 shtick that I used to do. Remember those episodes? Good times.  

This month there will be two yes TWO episodes of Everything and the Kitchen Sink, because it’s August and that means the return of the Joe Strummer specials. For a special reason of course but you’ll have to listen to that show to find out why!

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Here is the link to the Elvis Costello page

  1. Cemetery -” Reptile Walk”
  2. Thomas Mapfumo – “Marima Nzara”
  3. Kungs feat Wolfgang – “Freedom”
  4. The Dirtbombs – “Maybe Your Baby”
  5. Naked Aggression – “Break Free”
  6. Lie        – “Can’t Get Enough”
  7. The Clash – “Blonde Rock and Roll” – *coughs* find it yerself 
  8. The Hundred In The Hands – “Pale Moon Out”
  9. Doctor T meets the 18th Parallel – “Fuel For Dub”
  10. 3TEETH, Ho99o9    – “Time’s Up”
  11. Public Enemy – “Prophets of Rage”
  12. Charles Bradley and the Inversions – “Watcha Doing (To Me)”
  13. Tom Waits –  “Wrong Side of the Road”
  14. Simone Denny – “Black Roses”
  15. m1nk  -” The Far Side”
  16. Dum Dum Girls –  “Coming Down”
  17. Elvis Costello and The Roots – “Wise Up Ghost”
  18. Joe Strummer – “Cholo Vest” *Earthquake Weather Album reissue bonus. 
  19. The Clash – “King of the Road”  *coughs* find it yerself 
  20. Bless – “Loser”
  21. Swearin’ -“Grow into a Ghost”
  22. We Deserve This – “To Meet You”
  23. Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman – “The Awakening”

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  1. great show Nikki. Happy to see you here. I hope all is well.
    Thanks from Erika and I.

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