Everything And The Kitchen Sink July 11 2014

Everything and the Kitchen Sink July 2014

Finally a regular Everything and the Kitchen Sink?

Four Damn shows and no Joe Strummer? Someone should fire me! I am sure that you enjoyed the break of Strummer right? Right!   All kidding aside I had a lot of fun exploring the bands for my NXNE specials so it was well worth listening to all the bands to find some new faves to put into the regular EatKS shows.

If you’re new to this show I have been making a mess of this music show since 2011.  These shows weren’t available on itunes, stitcher, soundcloud. At one time I actually did “live” shows with a live audience. That was crazy awkward.

After suggestions of EatKS listeners, I decided to bring back the shows, but my rants would be considered outdated so I just took them out. So what you’re left with is an EatKS show without me ranting or swearing but some serious tuneage you won’t hear anywhere else in the Renos and Demos edition of Everything and the Kitchen Sink.  Look for them!

But here is a brand new show nonsense I put out for you awesome folks.

And the playlist.

  1. Sisters – Hush Hush
  2. The Coathangers – Call To Nothing
  3. Biblical- Oubliette
  4. Bob Mould – Kid With Crooked Face
  5. Eternal Summers – Make It New
  6. Sonic Youth – Anti-Orgasm
  7. Static In Verona – Blindfold
  8. Autumn Stones – End Of Faith
  9. She’s – Drop Dead
  10. Generation X – Ready Steady Go
  11. Neuschlaufen- Bad Fashion Man
  12.  Ari Herstand – Brave Enough
  13.  The Clash – Mark Me Absent
  14. The  Clash – Glue Zombie
  15.  The Clash-  Equalizer

You can always listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud, or you can listen below/Download Show Here

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