Everything and the Kitchen Sink – July 6th 2018

Hey listeners! Yes another Everything and the Kitchen Sink episode. In this episode challenge you to either do a drinking game or put a dollar in the ol’ swear jar for every time I say bandcamp. A very eclectic mess of music for you to listen to. I highly recommend that you check out the website for cool links and that hyperlink to the band tracks that I do for every show.

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  1. “Price of Fame” – Paloma Faith
  2. “Rebel Heart” – First Aid Kit
  3. “Gravity” – Blondie
  4. “I Germinate”- Alison Moyet
  5. “Home is a Feeling” – Ride
  6. “The Wilde Flowers” – Opeth
  7. “Joan of Arc” – Leonard Cohen
  8. “Feel No Pain” – Sade
  9. “Judge Not” – Billy Ocean
  10. “Shoot You Down” – The Stone Roses
  11. “Picture That” – Roger Waters
  12. “I Can’t Be Satisfied” – Muddy Waters
  13. The Nighttime –  Moby and the Void Pacific Choir
  14. “Dreaming in the USA”- Sting, Shaggy
  15. Babylon Children – JStar (Dubmatix Remix)
  16. Why For – Yuno
  17. In Silence – Mad Ones
  18. Blue Jay – Avem
  19. Racist, Classist, Anti-Gay Bullshit – Naked Aggression
  20. Quit Looking at the Time – Fashionism
  21. Tsunami of Suits – Tom Bright and the Dynamite
  22. Mandatory Love – The Autumn Stones
  23. “Evolution” – Paloma Faith feat. Samuel L. Jackson
  24. Exit Your Mind – Public Enemy


Links and Fun Stuff!

Interviews with Sting and Shaggy

Strombo Show – (I clicked on the privacy enhance mode  for you already, you’re welcome)

Jimmy Fallon -(I clicked on the privacy enhance mode  for you already, you’re welcome)

If you are in California or other places in the USA and you liked Naked Aggression you can see them at a  show! Links to their shows here


You can always listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud or you can listen below/Download Show Here


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