Everything and the Kitchen Sink (teaser show)

Everything and the Kitchen Sink – It’s coming back folks. Better be prepared.
This was a short show, no rants, no chatty nonsense.

I am a little OCD when I put my playlists together.
It’s never a lyrical playlist but about what I think sounds good together….
I will be back before you know it, and thanks for sticking around eh?
Happy Listening Folks.
Nikki xoxox
And here’s the track list:
Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot
Editors – The Weight
Winston Edwards – Big Daddy Amin
Eye to Eye – Armagideon
No Torso – Prince Dubya
The Jam – Absolute Beginners
Elvis Costello – Opportunity
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail
The Beat – Whine and Grine/Stand Down Margaret
The Aggrolites – Jimmy Jack
The Dirtbombs – If You Can Want
The Detroit Cobras – Cha Cha Cha Twist
The Clash- Ammunition

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