How to get the most out of your NXNE experience


I have to say, that I am super lucky to live in a city that has some great music festivials such as NXNE, CMW, and Indie Week.  This doesn’t include Riot Fest ,  TURF   , Burly Calling  that happens here too. Okay,  Burly Calling doesn’t happen in Toronto but it’s not far from Toronto and it has one of the best music lineups .. So yeah, I included it.  But you get the idea.

If you haven’t been paying attention to my tweets (I don’t blame you, I tweet FAR TOO much) I am doing a special podcast series highlighting the bands showcased in NXNE.  The crazy idea came from one of my pals from Dirty Penny. I thought because I did a special for the Canadian Music Week, that North by North East Festival would be a piece of cake. Let me tell you how wrong I was about that.

I am  literally checking out every single band on the schedule for NXNE. Half the bands I have never heard of and I think that we’ve all been there that if we’ve never heard the band we instantly dismiss it.  Lucky for me that NXNE has a very cool website to help me with this crazy idea.  I was thoroughly impressed with their Schedulizer.  All you have to do it click on the band name and it pulls up the bands bio, an mp3, and the bands’  links. There are  few glitches to the site, with some of the links not working, or there are no Mp3 ‘s to stream.  I am not sure why the lack of consistency, whether it’s human error or perhaps the bands didn’t provide all or the right info.  It doesn’t matter, glitches help us figure out what we need to fix in the future and this was a serious undertaking by NXNE. KUDOS to them for making music accessible to the festival goers.

Now I was raving about the NXNE awesome Schedulizer on the twitterverse and Christian D mentioned that Show Gropher did the same thing.  Hell, you can listen to ALL of the bands featured in the CMW 2014.  I guess what I am trying to point out, I think I have a point;  is that music lovers can use these tools to check out new bands and new music.

Did I mention that this would be a great cross promo tool for bands as well?  I mean think about it bands, yes you. These websites work their asses off to help promote your shit. Would it kill you to perhaps write a blurb to your fans with a link to their websites?  If you don’t have this in your city, perhaps rally, revolt, cause chaos to make this available in your city.(Obviously don’t revolt, or cause chaos,  punk rock ethos work in theory only,  friends!)

Stay tuned in the next two weeks for the onslaught of the Everything and the Kitchen Sink NXNE Special. Yup, I was that crazy to check out over 500 bands give or take to bring you my picks.  Of course, I won’t be playing all the bands in my list, unless somehow every band decides to either give me their tracks or I win the lottery to afford every album. If you want a sneak peak at my picks all you have to do is check out my lists on my twitter profile. 

But of course you are probably all lazy to click on my twittter profile to find these bands. So here’s the links for you. See how much I love my listeners? I make you do absolutely no work to hunt down these bands. (that’s a lie you still need to click something)

Here’s the links:

Bands on twitter for the Wednesday line up.

Bands on twitter for the Thursday line up.

Bands on twitter for the Friday line up.

Bands on twitter for Saturday and Sunday line up. 

Apparently I had very few picks for the Sunday line up so I put it together for podcasting purposes of course. Also remember folks, unless I win a lottery or all these bands give them their track I am not playing 56 bands. But if you’ve listened to the show, you know that it will always be as diverse as possible.

It’s gonna be a mayhem of a series, and I am STOKED about it!





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