Joe Strummer Rare and Obscure

That’s right EatKS listeners, yours truly is back on track with her Joe Strummer Special nonsense. Why
do I play so much Joe Strummer? Joe the Almighty Joe, actually has a very impressive discography that I don’t think the average Clash fan knows about. Do they even care? Probably not. But thank goodness
this is my podcast and I can do whatever the hell I want!
I asked Adam White and John G of to join me on this Joe Strummer Special. We talk about Box Sets, Rarities, the Soundtracks, and weird news stuff.

Weird News stuff links:

A new snail species named after Joe Strummer

The article that spawned Nikki’s crazy assed theory of the “Four Horsemen

A very big thank you to both Adam and John for making this show probably the most music nerdy Joe Strummer. I loved it.

And as always thank you for listening to the show however you do. I totally forgot to plug that there is now a donate button on the website. Yup, you can help this DIY girl continue to be ad free, and all that jazz.

1. The Clash – One Emotion
2. The Clash- Midnight To Stephens
3. The Clash- Every Little Bit Hurts
4. The Clash – Bank Robber
5. The Clash – White Man In Hammersmith Palais
6. The Clash -Ammunition
7. The Clash – National Powder
8. The Clash – Johnny Too Bad
9. Ellen Folley and the Clash -In the Killing Hour
10. Janie Jones and the Lash -Ju Ju Queen
11. Michael Hutchence – Let Me Show You
12. Joe Strummer – Love Kills
13. Joe Strummer and the Pogues – Afro – Cuban Be Bop
14. Joe Strummer – Evil Darling
15. Joe Strummer and the Pogues- Sayonara


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