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Joe Strummer

“People can change anything they want to and that means everything in the world”

– Joe Strummer


If you didn’t already know I am probably, possibly, potentially, perhaps one of the biggest Joe Strummer fans. There are many reasons why I am a big fan. He said a lot of important shit, and sometimes, he just said shit. The Clash was one  band that pushed boundaries of musical genres. Sure there are bands out there today that do that; they don’t get the recognition for it.

You can tell me all you want that Joe Strummer was all about punk ethos and that he didn’t sell out.  I will tell you bands are about making music and their ambition/hope is to make enough money to support themselves and their families. To you and I this is what we do every day when we go to our jobs, it’s called making a living . This doesn’t change the fact that he wrote lyrics that made you think, challenged our views of society, or inspired so many people on so many levels.

 I am probably one of the few Clash fans that love the Sandinista! Album. I know,  I know.  It was 3 records of some of the most crazy assed eclectic mayhem ever.  You can  hate it as much as you want but some pretty kickass dub came out of that nonsense. When it comes to loving an album, my rule is that if I like at minimum 5 tracks, it’s a good album. From Sandinista! I would have to say there are at least 17 tracks that  absolutely love from it. Yeah, you heard me. 17 of them!


Since I was 15 , I  was a fan of The Clash but I never moved past The Clash. It wasn’t until Joe Strummer’s untimely death in 2002 that I really started to take a look at Joe Strummer’s work after he was in The Clash.

The last time he played in Toronto was in 2001, it was literally, down the street from where I lived at the time. At the age of 26, my arrogant close mindedness jackass self refused to go; because it wasn’t The Clash. Being  young, narrowed minded AND  that I  stopped listening to radio, were probably the biggest reasons for my dumbassness .  It’s not likely that Joe Strummer’s solo work got a lot of radio play anyway… I am totally digressing here. Anyway, I was stuck in my nostalgia and never searched out new music like I did in my teens. We’ve all been there. Some of us are still stuck in our nostalgia and never move forward…

As crazy as this sounds, from Joe’s passing , I learned to stop being a music snob and start listening to what else was out there. It’s great to be all nostalgic and keep a hold on the music we love… blah blah..

BUT we need to hear and enjoy new things too!  That doesn’t mean I will ever stop playing Joe Strummer x3 in almost every show.  I’m pretty creative on how I do it. If you listen to enough of my shows,  you’ll know that I bend the rules somehow.  Too lazy to listen to my show or don’t care for it but you still want some Joe Strummer?  You can always check out the Crash Course I wrote for Unappreciated Scholars for some tidbits of information and a track list of some of my favourite tunes.

 Every year I attempt to put out  2 Joe Strummer Specials, one in August (Joe’s Bday) and one in December (Joe’s Passing). You will find tons of radio stations playing Joe Strummer Specials every year. Since I have been doing this show for almost 4 years I have come up with some crazy ideas to make you wanna listen to more than one Joe Strummer Special. Trust me folks no two  Joe Strummer Specials are alike.

Here’s  are the Joe Strummer Specials for you to listen to.


Joe Strummer Special December 2015 – Sandinista! Special

That’s right this is a special solely dedicated to the album that most Clash fans dislike but I happen to adore. Not only did I do a Sandinista! Special but so did the super cool Adam White and John Gentile of Punknews.org.

Listen to the EatKS show here

The PUNKNEWS.ORG Joe Strummer – Sandinista! Special

Both Adam and John do such a fabulous podcast and they also share a great love of Joe Strummer (and of The Clash) that I had to put up their show on my Joe Strummer page. Before you say Nikki but you put TWO Sandinista! specials up, you haven’t really thought perhaps that these are so very different that they both need to be up here. (shame on you for thinking otherwise!!)

Listen to the show here

Joe Strummer Special August 2015 – Rare and Obscure with Special Guests – Part 2

I asked Adam White and John Gentile of Punknews.org  again, to bring their A game for the Joe Strummer Special. They left no stone unturned on the internet to dish up some great tidbits of epic Strummer and music nerdery.
Listen to the show here

Joe Strummer Special December 2014 – Rare and Obscure with Special Guests – Part 1

I asked Adam White and John G of Punknews.org to join me on this Joe Strummer Special. We talk about Box Sets, Rarities, the Soundtracks, and weird news stuff. I went I my tangent of crazy theories of The Clash. It’s fun and hilarious!

Weird News stuff links:A new snail species named after Joe Strummer

The article that spawned Nikki’s crazy assed theory of the “Four Horsemen

Listen to the show here.


Joe Strummer Special December 2013  – The London Calling Album with Special Guests.

The London Calling album just celebrated it’s anniversary. I still can’t do the math on it. This time I bugged my  pals Christian D  and Adam (DOOM)  Sewell  to come on the show and talk about their favourite memories and tracks on the album. Some very cool insights and stories to be heard on this show!



Every Clash fan probably already has their favourite websites book marked to check up on all Clash related nonsense but here are some of the sites you should check out anyway.

  • If you want a cool tumblr site of countless pictures of Joe Strummer and the Clash you really should check out
    Stay Free .
  • Every year tons of radio stations/djs pay respect to the mighty Joe Strummer. You want to know about those shows? You want to be kept in the loop with interviews with the other Clash members, perhaps reviews of sorts? Then you need to check out The Clash Blog.
  • One of my favourite sites is Strummerville’s Soundcloud  which highlights the bands that the Joe Strummer Foundation charity supports through resources and performance opportunities.  I have found some very amazing bands that I have played on the show. If you really want a great resource of music then you’d be silly not to check it out. Better yet how about supporting the Joe Strummer Foundation in their efforts to shape the world?
  • Because I am from Toronto, Canada,  I also support the local efforts of Joe Strummer awesomeness in my hood (so to speak). I had the great privilege of drumming up awareness in a couple of shows for Strummerfest that takes place in Kitchener, Ontario every December.

I know  I’m probably missing other Joe Strummer links, if you have suggestions, go to The Host page and submit them to me.

If you haven’t already got a favourite Joe Strummer Quote that you hold dear to your heart, or something that inspires you…There are tons of sites for Joe Strummer Quotes.  if you check all the hyperlinks will take you to different websites, you’re welcome.   If you’re too lazy to write out the quotes on social media; Brainy Quote makes that easy for you.

If  you were wondering at all…. What is that crazy girl Nikki’s favourite Joe Strummer quote… This is it.

“This is my Indian summer…I learnt that fame is an illusion & everything about it is just a joke. I’m far more dangerous now, because I don’t care at all.”  – Joe Strummer


That right there, is the most punk rock fuck you statement ever.  Joe taught us punk isn’t a uniform, it’s an idea, a passionate grassroots idea to create change. There are no rules to punk rock. He is missed but never, never forgotten.


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