Monster Voodoo Machine -Suffersystem 20th Anniversary

This gig blog is the very first on Everything and the Kitchen Sink. Even though I am a fan of Monster Voodoo Machine its a bigger honour to have a serious fan that flew all the way from England to see this show. That’s right. All the way across the big ass pond to see MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE.

Thank you Russell Taylor for writing this.

On Nov 28th 2014 Monster Voodoo Machine played Sneaky Dees in Toronto , Ontario Canada

Witnessing Monster Voodoo Machine live is an experience that is perhaps comparable with that of consuming five cups of extra strong coffee and then proceeding head first into a tightly congested wind tunnel raging at full force and for anyone in the audience who missed it first time around (including THIS guy), tonight is a very special occasion.
From the very first note its apparent that between the tight rhythm section of Bentley and Landry, the crushing guitars of Quinn and Cuddy and the impassioned vocal delivery of singer Adam (Doom) Sewell, the band is on fire tonight.
From the classic opening that is Threat by Example, right through to the likes of Copper Theft and Bastard Is As Bastard Does, band & audience come together as one as the pit opens, bottles fly and the room becomes an explosion of pulsating raw energy from front to back.
Only Keyboardist/Sampler Stacy Hoskin offers the audience a brief moment to catch its breath by weaving moments of sonic relief into the songs before singer Adam (Doom) Sewell goes back into full on attack mode, participating with the crowd throughout. The energy on display here is relentless and for a line-up that’s been largely inactive for 20 years, it’s hard to imagine any band of twenty-something’s being able to compete with what is on display tonight, notable also for the fact that all proceeds from tonight’s show are going to the Toronto Food Bank.
As the tracks from SufferSystem round to a conclusion in celebration of its 20th Anniversary, there is a moment of reflection in tribute to the bands original guitarist Mark Gibson before the band launches into a blistering version of Bastard Child.

As the feedback draws to a close, It’s clear when leaving that when these 6 guys come together in a room and play purely for the love of the music they created, something truly inspired & special happens with the connection between band and audience being evidently apparent. The only thing the audience was left asking when it was all over was….when’s the next show?!voodoo1
If this is the last time Monster Voodoo Machine graces a stage it’ll be a fine and fitting ending.


Check out videos from this show on the EatKS Channel! 

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