Nikki Rants, Raves… and doesn’t SHUT UP about sheep….WHAT?!

That’s right EatKS listeners while you are still waiting for me to sort out my life to give you the music podcast that you love to hate and hate to love… I have been chatting with other folks.
First there was Dave the Nerd’s show and then Mark of The Tangent Bound Network asked me to come and chat on his show.

I talked and talked and talked. Mark tried to ask me questions but dammit I would not shut the hell up. Did I swear? Yup. Did I get mad at the shit bands do? Yup. Do I get mad at social media? Is the sky blue?

Your loveable sassy, loud, and never shutting up host is coming back. I love that you all are so very patient with my return to podcasting. Thank you to all of you for letting me be me.

This show will not bet available on my  iTunes but you can get it on the Tangent Bound’s one. This will only be featured as a download and stream of this site. Cause posters are hard to make in iTunes!

You can listen below/Download Show Here

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