Meet Nikki

The creator, the producer, the host
Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Dear bands if you  have been redirected to this page via another website. I apologize but Everything and the Kitchen Sink is no longer taking submissions. 

Nikki is the charmingly, quirky, swearing  host/mixer/curator/producer of Everything & the Kitchen Sink: An eclectic mess of music and mayhem.  She is a self-proclaimed music lover with possibly a healthy or unhealthy obsession with the mighty Joe Strummer.

What can you expect to hear on Everything and the Kitchen Sink?
If the name isn’t telling enough, the show is a mess of ska, punk, retro, indie, metal, dub, reggae and everything in between.

The method to Nikki’s madness is to not only give you some of the songs that you know you’ll love,  but to give you a taste of some very cool unsigned or indie bands from around the world you might not hear anywhere else.

Nikki started out doing live shows on a mixlr community radio station in based in the UK in October 2011.  Because of her work, school and family obligations at the time, live shows just didn’t make any sense anymore.

In April 2013, Nikki took a break from her beloved show, where she could venture out on her own as a complete independent without having to worry about station “branding”.  In July 2013, Everything and the Kitchen Sink had its own website and has been an independent podcast since then.

To her,  it’s all about the music and sharing her love of music with as many people as she possibly can. Nikki’s strong punk ethos and beliefs in a grassroots community has made it possible for her to make some amazing connections in the music world.

She has been very lucky to guest on some really great shows and she’s has managed to have some great Canadian artists, and indie podcasters on her show.The podcasts that have been kind enough to have her on their shows include newbsradio ,  Casey Ryan , and Podcasting 101 .

You will find a write up about Nikki and her show in the UK online magazine Love Music Magazine. She wrote and posted her shows at 50thirdand3rd and did a crash course feature of Joe Strummer (of course) for Unappreciated Scholars  but she sucks at sticking to a writing routine.

Sadly many of those places have not been able to stand the test of time so the hyperlinks are outdated and riddled with 404 errors because it’s fuckin hard to be independent and stay in the damn game.

In 2016, even though Nikki had decided to take a break from doing this show due to health concerns,  it was nominated in Toronto Now Magazine as one of the  10 Best Podcasts in Toronto, Canada. Everything and the Kitchen Sink didn’t win but hey, to even be thought of and nominated:  was an honour. She will still continue to do the odd show here 

Everything and the Kitchen Sink is also lucky to be a part of some great collectives online such as TangentBound,  Indie Music Bus, Pod Gods and 50thirdand3rd. and soon you will find new episodes streamed on

If you want to by crappy merch because you love the show that much, here’s your chance to. , she’s not gonna get rich off 20 cents, the merch is more for you and she is too cheap to pay for it and send it to you in the mail.


Nikki is sweary, snarky, awkward, sassy, loud and an independent licensed  podcaster.  If you don’t like it, she’ll tell you to get off her lawn.