No Pants Record Store Shopping – February 2016 Edition

With 41 bands featured on January’s and this one coming in at 38 bands…. That is 79 bands that your radio station has probably never played! Why I liked doing these so much (and the show) was that it was like that word of mouth of promoting your favourite bands to your friends. That “Dude, this is a killer band – this album , this track is my favourite” and then of course you having friends that have similar tastes, will also become excited to purchase items from mentioned band.

Music junkies can’t rely on mainstream radio anymore. But how many of you got stuck in a rut and stopped looking for music because of it? Many of us fell into that rut. Here’s a chance to check out some music and bands you might have not heard of. Stay in the loop, I still have March, April, and May, and June to post. Then one last one in July 30!

Wanna keep this spirit alive? Just use the hashtag when you put out a band link. I will still be on the twitters so I will retweet it out for you!

1.The Lions from L.A. -JamaicanSka ,Reggae , RiotSoul

2.Get the Kalle Mattson discography on sale right now! Folk Alternative

3.Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs with some new music! They call it power pop.. It’s more post punk garage meets Bob Dylan electric 

4.The Boxer Rebellion – The long awaited new album is coming out! GET IT!

5.The Copyrights -Powerpop punk it’s super catchy                                                                       

6. The Dead Milkmen released an album in 2014. were you under a rock like me?

7. Drewvis -Skapunk from the UK  Drunken words n Dub is a great track 

8. Scraper-  Fugazi like garage punk                        

9.Shake Records Sampler!- Garage, surf, and a mess of genres!

10.The CoatHangers –This band kicks ass. a new album out 4/15/16

11.We Deserve This from Germany –Depeche Mode meets Bowie meets XTC

12.King Kong Girio -Ska Acoustic- like King Apparatus?  you will love this

13. Grant Phabao & U Brown- Dub,dancehall,reggae 

14. Akale Wube – Ethiopian jazz/funk/psych rock fusion

15. Wailin Storms -A doomish punk and rock force.

16.A Copy For Collapse –haunting dance/electro that redefines new wave

17. The Bohicas-  A mix of a QOSTA with a power pop flare

18.The Drastics – A fantastic mix of Bluebeat/Dub/Ska           

19. The Sonic Mondays-Soul, surf with tons of Northern Soul and some funk

20. The Night Keep -Horror, soundtracky gothy goodness

21. Alter der Ruine –Dark electronica with hints of  New Order/Erasure feels

22. Phillip – Michael Scales -Buy all his folk acoustic music!                                          

23.Sweet Alibi -Canadian folk country with a serious amount of soul

24.Avenue Z-A heavy prog rock experimental blues/garage band from France

25.The No Marks/Spoilers Spilt EP-Power pop punk from the UK

26.No Gods No Decaf- A NOFX power pop punk from OHIO

27. Eradicator -Chicago hardcore punk with members from DIRECT HIT

28.SHIFT -D-get some Canadian punk rock on sale!    

29. E- Mute -Alternative indie rock with brilliant music arrangements

30.The Poseurs-Russian punk that is damn awesome

31.The Minerals -A UK folk alternative country band

32.Left in the Attic-All girl rock band from Brooklyn

33. Molly Ferguson -A pop singer/songwriter that will take your breath away

34.Night Gaunts – Punk Rude boy fusion from Auckland

35.Ty Segall- Garage fuzz rock                             

36.Four Day Beard-An eclectic mess of genres! you have to hear it!

37.Yellow Backbone-If Tom Waits did garage surf, my only explanation

38. Waveolgy -Dream indie electro pop                               


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