No Pants Record Store Shopping – January 2016 Edition

Thank you again Everything and the Kitchen Sink listeners, I am grateful that YOU appreciated the effort, time that when into the shows, the posts, the tweets and this mayhem. Here’s hoping that all independent bands will find and support any efforts like this show.

We all know that radio can’t do without bands’ support and bands’ struggle without radio support. It doesn’t matter if it’s a grassroots show, or a mainstream show. I think a lot of us forget that and then we are surprised when something we love comes to an end.

As I mentioned on the twitterverse. I am making all the previous months of  the #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping tweets available for you. Please remember that this is from January so some items might not be on sale anymore. I didn’t want to change it, because it was important for it to be as true to the original tweets. Although I did screw up stating that Static Verona was from Boston when they are from Chicago. So of course I HAD to fix that!

Remember that the final send off for Everything and the Kitchen Sink music podcast is one last  #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping  that will take Place July 30 to pay tribute to all the indie (meaning independent bands) I have played on the show. Whether it was an independent label putting out a punk band from the 70’s, 80’s or a death metal band that released something in the 2000’s.

As always if you click on the hyperlink it will take you to the band’s page to their music. Pretty sure that I am the only music podcaster/radio show that does this.  And you are very welcome.

  1. The Dollyrots have a new album coming out! #PopPunk and super damn catchy
  2. Brass Action #Canadian #ska #punk Get 35% off the discography!
  3. Brat Kings have new(ish) music out!
  4. Rotary Dial Indie pop rock that is amazing to see live!
  5. Public Animal New (ish) music from the awesome Ian Blurton & Co
  6. California Death Rays Cream your pants blues punk rock that’s a thing
  7. Shift D #hardcorepunk new (ish) album
  9. Whiskey Hearts Fave track “SO COLD’ just in time for winter
  10. I HATE TODD a great indie band that has a new (ish) release
  11. WASTED POTENTIAL #punk #hardcorefrom London ONTARIO! #CANCON
  12. Crack Mammoth indie garage
  13. Rumour has it that Audio Visceral is working on some new stuff.
  14. Scene Noir If you like Joy Division/ dark electro of the 80’s you will like this ALOT
  15. HSY Loud brilliant sludge HC industrial noise from Toronto
  16. The Lifts Garage bluesy band
  17. Seoul a little funk, a little soul, and that electro pop wave.
  18. Thinly Double Veiled Entendres Great rockabilly garage #CANCON
  19. Needles/Pins Vancouver pop punk power trash
  20. Take Drugs This was a very underrated punk band in Toronto (if you like Pegboy) #CANCON
  21. Tough Age with brand new psych poppy punk #CANCON
  22. Dearly Beloved a serious psych garage punk rock band #CANCON
  23. Dead Messenger A little punk and still load of rock, with really great bass#CANCON
  24. The MANTS have some new music! Half Man, Half Ant, ALL ACTION #garage#punk #CANCON
  25. The Ballantynes #Soul #Garage Tambourine Shakin! #CANCON
  26. The 8 1/2’s Bluesy rockabilly rock#CANCON
  27. Astral Witch metal doominess garage riot grrrl stoner flare. Yup it’s a thing. #CANCON#
  28. Jr. Thomas and the Volcanos#RocksteadyReggae #Soul
  29. Basement A new release on Run For Cover Records I like this record label great bands!
  30. The Pandemics New York Ska, it’s cd format but you can order online so…
  31. Rough Francis rock n punk soul
  32. Static in Verona Shoegazey pop from Chicago
  33. The Julie Ruin if you like Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, you need to buy this
  34. Toys That Kill I don’t care if this is from 2014. It’s still kick ass punk
  35. Abbar el Hamada Brilliant world music blending with a great story behind the musician
  36. Old Thunder Metal Doom SLUDGE
  37. Dead Horse Beats . I love the track Homegrown. Wow. #HipHop #synth
  38. Soft Wounds dreamy shoegaze courtesy of @skipthedj
  39. Dany Laj and the Looks a clash inspired track “Word On The Street” I love it
  40. Bombskare a great ska band from overseas fave track is no 2
  41. Industrial Horror Pop eclectic synth with a flare of folk pop.

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