No Pants Record Store Shopping – March 2016 Edition

So January and February’s music findings where plentiful but don’t be fooled but the small amount in March’s list. A lot of these bands are from all over the world and if you have ever gone through the bandcamp rabbit hole  you would know how easy it is to get overwhelmed! With each band that I post, I listen to a minimum of two songs before I post or even when I played them on my show. It’s easy to get caught up on one track but I want to sell you on a band, not just a song! Did you miss January and February? It’s okay! I hyperlinked it for you so all you have to do is click! Wanna check out a band here? You don’t need to google search because I hyperlinked those for you too. You know, just incase you wanted to be lazy, I gotchu!

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We Deserve This from Germany
An electronic Joy Division/Depeche Mode fusion

Metal Styx from Russian Federation
If Dead Can Dance did thrash metal, this is what i think it would sound like–4

Weaves from Canada
Garage psych rock

The Defekters from England
Dub reggae ska funk

Sisters from the UK
Dream garage pop. (not to be mistaken with dream pop)

Surf School Dropouts from Denmark
If you were wondering if that Beach Boys sound was still around

Old School Reasons from the UK
Pop punk n’ roll

Music for Boobies – Music for a great cause with GREAT ARTISTS

Stop Press! From the UK
Acoustic ska/folk/soul!-ep/id928635516

Music Ape Records from Bristol
A crazy compilation funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, gypsy jazz, and swing

The Delegators from the UK
Rocksteady, 60’s soul, reggae #AnEatKSfave

Dead Sea Souls from Scotland
Disco/pop/rock with a ska beat

Gaoler’s Daughter were from the UK
Indie rock pop with insane bass lines #AnEatKSfave

White Lung from Canada
A new release from post punk melodic garage

Christian D and the Hangovers from Canada
Greasy loud garage rockbilly n roll

Futuro from Brazil
Hardcore punk with amazing guitar solos!

Accidente from Spain
Power pop punk

Deep Mountains from China
Black Metal, Dark folk, instrumental

Blondfire from USA
I loved their “Young Heart” Album Dream Pop/Rock band with a new single!

The Population Drops from Canada
Garage fuzz rock

Rod Hamdallah from USA
Dirty garage surf blues and soul

La Fondation from France
Hip Hop, jazz, rap and soul fusion

Big T. Stigler and The L.D.S Band from USA
Funk old school find

Saucyhorn From USA
If you like The Aggrolites you will love this

Dubmatix From Canada
One of my favourite producers of dub, bass and reggae sounds






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