No Pants Record Store Shopping – May 2016 Edition

If this is your first read of the epic No Pants Record Store Shopping  tweets to find music and the post companions to it…. Like seriously, I should come and take your vinyl from you.  All joking aside. this is probably the only place that you will literally find almost every music genre. That was the cool thing about my show’s name. Everything and the Kitchen Sink meant I could play whatever I wanted.  No one ever listens to one genre of music so why the hell should radio play just one genre? I did love when there were shows with specific themes, but in Toronto that doesn’t really exist anymore unless you listen to college radio. Which I encourage you to do. You know why? College radio still cares about music, the DJ’s are unpaid; they volunteer their time to show you what they love about music. They have more freedom with their playlists than mainstream radio.  Show your support regularly. Seriously, it takes no effort for you to tweet or facebook share your favourite radio station or indie bands link. THEY NEED YOU TO HELP CUT THROUGH THE INTERNET WHITE NOISE.

I only have one other post after this and then you will be all caught up on the past No Pants Record Store Shopping music rabbit hole. If you missed it… here’s   January February’s , March’s  and April’s music findings. Again, many of these bands are from my searches on Bandcamp, I really suggest you skip your fancy coffee and go buy some music. And as always I listen to more than one track (well if the band has more than one track) before I even bother to promote them.

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Duchess Says from Montreal
Experimental, sludge rock with Heavy bass riffs <3

Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra
World afro beat jazz funk fusion

The Julie Ruin has a new album!
Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Synth punk dance

Summer Cannibals from Portland, Oregon
LOUD guitar, shouty and melodic goodness!

Muncie Girls from Exeter UK
Power pop, punk

Chelsea Wolfe from California
Haunting dark acoustic

Boris & Merzbow from Japan
Metal, Stoner Rock, Sludge

I will only tell you that I could NOT stop laughing with this.

VUM from California
Darkwave electronica

Remastered tracks from LEATHERFACE !!!

Yes I’m Leaving from Australia
Jesus Lizard stylings with an angry, in your face music punch

Moth from Denmark
Coldwave retro goth punk at it’s finest

Just found this band and they are no more
No More Art from Germany
It’s a beautiful acoustic song. BUY IT

Compilation of Various Artists-  Contemporary Funk from Tramp Records

Zig Zags from California
Old style metal with psych garage rock fuzz

Thee Oh Sees 2015 album Mutilator Defeated At Last
Garage rock at it’s finest!

A new edition to La Ti Da Records!
Patsy’s Rats from Vancouver
Power pop, garage fusion

Buy the 28 album bundle of  La Ti Da Records for 50% off!
Including a fave band of mine!

Guerilla Toss from New York
If you like Yeah Yeah Yeahs you might like this

Bratmobile is available on BANDCAMP! GO BUY THIS NOW

Toby Vail side project from 2002 is available digitally!

System D from Morocco /Germany
Dub, Reggae … The Horn Section? BRILLIANT!

Le Butcherettes from Mexico
I don’t care if this is from 2008, I love it!

A find from an EatKS listener!
The Burning Hell from Canada

Pancho Villa’s Skull from Detroit
Acoustic  Mariachi Punk

BCN Ska- Jazz


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