No Pants Record Store Shopping – May 2016 Part Two Edition

The countdown to the last epic No Pants Record Store Shopping  tweets and internet companion posts has finally come to an end. The last No Pants Record Store Shopping tweet session will be held on July 30th 2016 and continue until all the bands that are unsigned or independent are featured on it. It may take a month! hahahaha. That tweet session will be posted a few days after the mayhem of it all.

And remember if there is a radio show, station that supports an independent movement GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY or at least help boost the internet signal by sharing their websites and their show links. Without people, you’re nothing as the might Joe Strummer once said.  There’s a lot of truth in that.

Show your support regularly. Seriously, it takes no effort for you to tweet or facebook share your favourite radio station or indie bands link. THEY NEED YOU TO HELP CUT THROUGH THE INTERNET WHITE NOISE.

am I lazy for not taking that statement above out of this post or am I trying to really drive home a point that the internet is a fucking vacuum and in 3.5 seconds none of what you say unless there’s a scandal or an epic hashtag… it hasn’t any impact.

You are now officially caught up with all that you missed on this year’s NoPantsRecordStoreShopping tweets on the twitterverse. I still guarantee that this is one the best music rabbit hole that any music junkie could ever want. With sprinkles of this, dabs of that, a bunch of the other thing and then some more of that thing….

The last No Pants Record Store Shopping will happen twitterverse on July 30th for the last instalment of NoPantsRecordStoreShopping, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed for EatKS to keep the in loop. I plan to write at least one more music rant. I have a bone to pick with a paid music journo.

If you missed it the previous posts you can be lazy and click the links for   January February’s , March’s , April’s  and May’s music findings.

Miserable from California
Shoegazy dreaminess

Bad Mechanics from Chicago
Punk generic punk but really good generic punk

M.A.K.U Soundsystem from Brazil
Afrobeat, world music, funk and blues

Gigantes Magneticos from Argentina
Jamaican Old School Reggae/Ska/Rocksteady

Glitter Wizard from California
If Danzig and Monty Python had a Psych Stoner band

Puff Pieces from Washington D.C.
Post punk catchy riffy goodness

Holypalms from Australia
A crazy fusion of snake charming music with electronic beats and fuzz

The Mean Threes from Seattle
Dub/Reggae/ska/ AGGRO stylings

The Isotopes from British Columbia
Baseball pop punk!

NEEDS from British Columbia

Dual Core from USA
Hip Hop/Rap/Jazz fusion

Corpus Delicti from France
90’s Goth band released their definitive collection

A great compilation of Goth, Darkwave




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