No Pants Record Store Shopping – RSD 2016 Edition

If this is your first read of the epic No Pants Record Store Shopping  tweets to find music and the post companions…. Go make a pot of coffee and sit in a comfy chair because you will be in a music rabbit hole for quite sometime!

In the last posts I gave you  January February’s  AND March’s music findings. And at this point I stopped counting how many bands I have highlighted. pssst if you haven’t figured it out you can click on all the pretty hyperlinks and it will take you to the previous music months! I was originally planning 2 posts because this was a Record Store Day special. It’s tough to fit in time to  search out all this music so I only did one session in April. I still think RSD is a copout. If you are a music junkie and love finding music you don’t need a special day to do it. You do it all the damn time. And in full Nikki snark fashion, my music findings aren’t all about new releases, they are about new findings; good music doesn’t have a shelf life.

Again, many of these bands are from my searches on Bandcamp, I really suggest you skip your fancy coffee and go buy some music. And as always I listen to more than one track (well if the band has more than one track) before I even bother to promote them.

Keep yourself in the loop by following me on the twitterverse on July 30th for the last instalment of NoPantsRecordStoreShopping, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed for EatKS to keep the in loop.

As always, all you have to do is click on a link.  If you like a band, hell even if you don’t like a band here; share this post through your social media nonsense. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about you. It’s about sharing unsigned and independent musicians work. Don’t like mainstream radio on the interwebs; stop sending youtube links and send something that people can listen and give their money to.

The Jolts from Canada
Punk rock n roll comes out with a new album!

Pulso from Spain
Power punk pop has a new album June 2016

Tenement from USA
Wisconsin’s super cool punk band releases a new album

Kidnappers from Germany
Post Punk Garage stylings

The Penske File from Canada
Fist pumping punk

Golden Fable from UK
Haunting vocals/electronica/folk fusion

Clitoris Rex from USA
Gritty punk feminism queercore with a set of lungs!

Alpheus from UK
Desmond Dekker Old school Jamaican ska sounds


Pataha Hiss  from Portland USA
Girl garage/ramones/rock band

Mind Spiders from Ft. Worth USA
If you like a electronic/garage version of The Oh Sees

Split Fleet from Chicago
All girl heavy bass riffed  garage punk rock band

Lords of Dullsville from Australia
Hardcore punk rock

A great collection of punk/garage from Mammoth Cave Records Canada

Oldscratch from Brazil
Hardcore punk riot grrrl

The Cola Heads from Toronto Canada
Fastcore punk

Swearin’ from Brooklyn
Garage rock n roll

The Brat Kings from Montreal Canada
Garage surf punk

JPNSGRLS from Vancouver Canada
One of my fave bands from NXNE 2014 finds

Hip twisting  tambourine shaking serious soul

Black Milk & Nat Turner from Detroit
Funk Hip Hop Jazz Fusion
Fave track- “Knock”

New Release from The Relatives feat. Rev. Gean West USA
Funk soul blues

Cocteau twins voice stylings with epic guitar and bass garage sounds

Here Come The Fire Horses from Canada
A heart breaking instrumental from Braz King who lost his battle with Cancer.

Centrefolds from UK
Power pop rock n roll

The Pistolwhips from Canada
Indie rock

Crumplehorns from UK
New music from catchy indie pop band!

The Dendrites from UK
Serious funk, horns, ska, maybe a bit of Bossa Nova?

Sabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys from Australia
Loud/Shouty/Punk rock   RIOT GRRRL

Huge Shark from USA
A pop electronica fusion with a hint of 80’s new wave

Chemical Smile from UK
Loud garage rock!

Ginger Grey from Canada
Folk jazz pop fusion

Rumour has it that Canadian band Def Con Sound System is working on some new material.
I can’t wait this was brilliant!

Lost Winter from UK
Electronic folk fusion

The Soaks From San Diego
Garage pop fuzz fusion

Ruins from Austria

Heavy bass/country flavor/ hardcore riot grrrl punk

Steve Adamyk Band from Ottawa Canada
Guitar fuzz garage pop

The Advits From Baltimore USA
Punk If you like The Germs you might like this

A compilation of electronica/experimental/ambient artists from Ukraine

Kitten Forever From USA
A Bikini Kill/ 7 Year Bitch/Julie Ruin type fusion

Cobalt from USA
Black/Death/Experimental METAL!
Beast Whip is amazing

The Tibbs from Amsterdam
Sultry lead vocals with some serious nothern soul vibes

Charles Bradley from USA
Some serious Funk/R&B/Soul

Poldoore from Belgium
Jazz/Hip Hop/Funk/Soul
Fave track – A Beautiful Eve

Bugseed from Japan
HipHop/Jazz/Rap Beats/Instrumental

Petrol Girls from UK
If you like War on Women and RVIVR this is for you
Feminist HC Punk





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