REPLICONS, Johnny Nocash, NLP – April 11th 2015

I don’t get to go to as many shows as I would like to, so the gig blog on this site is for you, the fans.  It’s pretty simple all you have to do is follow as many of the requirements of  the gig blog (check the first post in this section) and that’s it.   

This gig blog was written by an acquaintance of mine that was able to make it to a show that I really wanted to go to but sadly couldn’t. I always give credit to the individual who writes it out, however this person requested for me to use their pen name instead.

So this from the pen name ghouly ghost < I know right? Doesn’t matter. It’s a great review and it’s helping shine the light on some great underground music and that’s what’s important.

REPLICONS, NLP, Johnny Nocash; Backline Studio, Saturday April 11th 2015.


Recently, I checked out a rare show called “the Esoteric Disorder.” It was rare in that it was a BYOB party and smoking was permitted inside. By day, this venue os more commonly used as a rehearsal studio. Apparently there were four bands set to play but schedules change and I was not in the least disappointed with the show put on by Johnny Nocash, NLP, & REPLICONS.

I walked into a crowded, hot, and smoke filled room to the sounds of Johnny Nocash. Nocash is the country alter ego of metal singer Ragnar Nocash of the band Chagall. His tunes were vulgar, often hilarious, and he had everyone cheering him on. It’s nice to see someone playing an acoustic guitar riling everyone up instead of the usual singer songwriter seriousness. Drinks were hoisted, smokes were lit, and the small crowd relished this house party vibe Johnny Nocash exuded. It set the tone for the next two acts perfectly.

NLP have been described as Black Sabbath with a female lead vocalist. They not only handle the Sabbath songs(they did a medley at the start of their set, how cool!) with ease, their originals launch into guitar/ bass/drum heavy songs with a catchiness that makes you want to dance and a hypnotic vocal that lures you in. In my own attempt to dance, I spilled half a beer on myself which was actually quite refreshing considering the heat in the room. The band works hard and seem like fun people that easily puts everyone in a party mood. Between them and REPLICONS, I went home and dug out my vinyl collection of Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Misfits, and Motorhead. NLP straight out rocks and I look forward to catching them live again.

The final act of the night was the band known as REPLICONS. I have seen them before, but on this night, they were well aware that they were playing a party. Usually these guys are full of seriousness and rage, and as energetic as they were, they seemed to be almost happy that they were playing in such a loose atmosphere. The mix of doom metal, horror punk, and strange blues songs with occult overtones does set them apart from the rest. I’m surprised a mosh pit didn’t break out. I’m not surprised, but rather fascinated by the mix of people they seem to bring together. Metalheads, punks, goths, horror lovers and yes, those obsessed by the Lovecraft references, all rejoiced. REPLICONS seemed to party as hard as anyone there and belted out their originals as mighty as any monsters on Earth.

Like I said, a rare treat to be in an almost “old school” style setting with such cool bands.

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