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Sometimes, not very often I have guests on the show. It’s hard to juggle everybody’s schedule and then it’s the big task of editing. That’s right all this podcast magic has to go through an editing process when I have guests on. Do you know how much work it is to edit a show??? No, probably not. Thank goodness that I don’t have guests on very often. Even though you the listener love the guest shows I would probably either have stop editing, which is really a disservice to my guest and listeners if it’s a 2 to 3 hour conversation. I mean when would you get to hear music right? Right?

Two years ago I had them on the show, (pssst the show is the Jan 11 2013, in case you were wondering). This time around I invited Christian D and Dano Villano back on the show to talk about their exciting new projects that are quite different from what these seasoned musicians put out. I do love when a musician pushes their boundaries and give a fuck you to the typical pigeonholing of genres. Of course we didn’t talk about their projects for the whole two hours. We rants, I complained, I got mad, a cat named Pugsley tried to overthrow the podcast. It’s just a typical Everything and the Kitchen Sink podcast when a mess of music, mayhem, and nonsense happens.

pssst  I only hyper link the indie bands on the playlist.. BUT if you check out the Bands Featured on EatKS   that’s where you will find them all.

Here’s the playlist of stuff:

Christian D – Blood On The Frozen Sand
Replicons – Run Devil Run
Tom Waits – Rain Dogs
Deep Purple – Woman From Toyko
Fu Manchu – King Of The Road
The Clash – London Calling
Jason and The Scorchers- If Money Talks
Bloodshot Bill – Crazy Sound
The Cramps- Monkey With A Tail
Samhain– Unholy Passion
Manimals– Blood is the Harvest
Black Sabbath- Tomorrow’s Dream
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros- Mondo Bongo
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros- Silver and Gold
Joe Strummer and The Mascaleros- Midnight Jam


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