So You’re in a band and you have a twitter account. Now what?

I have to admit folks that I am still trying to figure out the science of twitter and other social media platforms; but I have learned a few things in the past two years on the twitterverse.

Okay, so the nitty gritty of it all. You’re in a band and you have 20 followers; therefore you think twitter sucks because you only have 20 followers. Well my question to you, is what are you doing to change that?

And yes, in this day in age it sucks to be an indie band because you have to do a lot of the leg work for yourself; that is if you are not hiring a management and pr team to do it for you. But that doesn’t mean you won’t need to do some of the work too.
If Joe Strummer can hand out flyers to promote his shows why the hell can’t you?

Obviously you all know that “making it big” takes a management or pr team of some sort. But if you still want to get your music heard, better be willing to work your ass off for it.
So here’s some advice that you can take it, leave it, or tell me to shove it somewhere.

1. Bands if you’re putting out music via bandcamp or a website make sure that you put that info in your bio profile. And no myspace links, we all chuckle at that. Seriously, we all do. And please stay away from putting facebook links in it. The facebook links aren’t phone friendly.

2. Twitter is a great place to promote your work but if you are only posting on your timeline you have only reached 20 people, and that’s if they are even paying attention. Try personalizing the promos to the individuals that both the folks YOU follow AND that follow you on twitter by using the @. An Example Hey @EatKS check out our new sounds (then the link)
Not only will this potentially get a retweet/fave but your reaching people directly.
Of course, pick and choose this carefully so that you don’t become a spammer of self promotion, no one likes that either.
Sure you could DM this information if you follow each other, but I tend to dislike that approach as it’s completely impersonal with the “Thanks for following us check out our sounds”. If I am following you and you have your links on your bio there’s a pretty good chance that I have already clicked on the links.

3. If someone mentions you in a tweet promoting your music, it might seem a little self absorbed to retweet it… but do it! Your followers don’t see that mention unless you follow the same people. And it won’t end up on your timeline otherwise.

4. Engage with your followers or the people that you are following. It’s called a social media platform for a reason. Get out there and get social. Chat with your fans, discuss or thank them every once in a while in a response.

5. Linking your other social media platforms such as instagram, facebook, tumblr, (I am missing some here I am sure) can be good or bad for your twitter account. Be very careful which you are linking to your twitter. Some links like facebook can’t be opened unless that person has an account on Facebook. Don’t assume that because people are on twitter that they have a facebook account. Twitter is a very, very, different social media platform. This isn’t where you are posting pictures of little Johnny’s first birthday pictures and waiting for someone to “like” it.

6. Speaking of facebook. You might say: “But I don’t need a twitter account, cause I have a facebook page for my band.” And how is that working out for you? Half the people that follow your band page aren’t getting the posts in their feeds. Cause now you have to pay to get it to all your followers on facebook. Also remember folks you need a facebook account to get those updates. (See point 5).

7. Once in a while, promote something that isn’t your bands’ work. Whether it’s another band, podcaster, blogger’s links, – Cross promotion and networking is so key this day and age.

8. Connect with yourself with music podcasters and online radio stations. There are TONS of them on the twitterverse. Some of them even have lists where people are categorized in. Check those out too. If you want airplay you can push and push for terrestrial radio stations to play your music but you have other options. Cause getting your music out there is important right?

9. “But I only have 20 followers so what does it matter?” Please re-read all the above points. . Also, it’s not about the quantity of followers but the quality of followers that you have. These are potentially your fans, treat them kind and they will treat you in kind in return.

10. But you don’t have time to tweet or promote your music? Bullshit! Then your music isn’t that important to get out there. It’s as simple as that.

Was this useful at all? Maybe, perhaps it was.

Again, this is just what I learned being on twitter in my two years promoting my music podcast. So I can’t speak from a “bands” experience but I still promote my music podcast.

So to me, it’s the same shit, different pile kinda scenario.

Of course I had to post this on a blog because I am not clever enough to fit this all in 140 characters for twitter.

Rant Over.

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