The Danko Jones and Adam Sewell Special

It’s been a long time since a “proper” EatKS show came out , I know.  I can almost guarantee that this will be worth it folks.

I was very. very lucky that both Danko Jones and Adam Sewell took time out of their busy schedules to come and chat on my show.  In this episode, we talk about how musicians are or need to be more than just musicians. With Danko Jones band being around for 18 years and still going strong, he’s busied himself with writing, and podcasting and a shit load of festival tours.  Adam Sewell of Monster Voodoo Machine might not be shouting at audiences as much but  over  the years he’s carved a niche in having worked with countless musicians, running Riot Rock Management  managing bands such as  Lacuna Coil , the indie label owner of  Stereo Dynamite Records and is currently working on writing for the international famed Simone Denny for her rock n’ soul solo debut album “Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol 1” (sneak preview in the hyper link folks) and in his spare time,not like he has much he started up another project a few years back called Def Con Soundsystem 

If anything this was a lot of real talk, about radio, music, misconceptions about musicians, touring stories, social media, swearing and banging fists on the table! Also, my apologizes for the sound quality did I check my mic to make sure it was set up right? No, because when you guests there is a small bit of panic and I blame Sewell for banging on the table. You want better sounding podcasts? Send me better equipment!

I even managed to squeeze in some music. All Joe Strummer!! I kid, I kid.

  1. Monster Voodoo Machine – Fetal Position
  2. Danko Jones – Bounce
  3. Danko Jones – Masochist
  4. Def Con Soundsystem – Pistol Whipped
  5. Simone Denny – Your Love Fades Away
  6. Danko Jones – Make You Mine
  7. Danko Jones – Play The Blues
  8. Ministry – Flashback
  9. Sam Cooke – Little Red Rooster
  10. The Clash – Version City
  11. The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare

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