There will be CLASH!!!!

So being the Strummer obsessed girl that I am of course I have to tell you about this.
(It’s really all over the internet if you haven’t noticed) The Clash Sound System Box Set has just be revealed today and will be on sale in September.(of course you can preorder)

The Clash Sound System Cut Out

Now let’s talk about the price. Amazon is pitching it for $184.91 CDN
The Clash Boombox set on Amazon link here!

At those prices I guarantee you that Joe himself is rolling in his damn grave. The most expensive release that The Clash ever did was Sandinista! and even then, they band took a hit at the price point that it was selling at. Joe Strummer believed in making music accessible and affordable.
So let’s get down to the nitty gritty here folks. What makes this so special?
Well the last time that a box set was ever released (never mind The Essential Clash.That doesn’t count, cause it was 2 CDs) was The Clash on Broadway, which was in 1991. If you own this and only this; you are missing out when you actually own the the albums.(No judgement though because you still own a fair chunk of The Clash’s diversity in music)
If you don’t already own the Polydor Demos of The Clash this will give you a great insight of the rough and gritty versions of specific songs. (specifically from the Clash’s Self titled album and yes there is more than one version of Janine Jones for example)
As well I am crossing my fingers that they have remastered the tracks from their live show at Shea Stadium as I own the vinyl version and the sound isn’t great. As well I am pretty excited about the Sussex University 1977 because if you know the lyrics Joe Strummer sings No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones BUT at this show he demonstrates his admiration for John Lennon by changing up the lyrics. And interviews folks! Interviews!
I am crazy enough to buy the Sound System box set because of all the bells and whistles (the booklets and stickers! Woo hoo!) But there is a more affordable option for The Clash Fan. Yes for a digital copy without the bells and whistles this is definitely an option.
And to get you reacquainted with Joe Strummer; check out the Everything and the Kitchen Sink Joe Strummer Special.Everything and the Kitchen Sink Joe Strummer Special 2012

The Clash #TheOnlyBandThatMattered #StrummerTillIDie

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